About Us

Quality Assurance is a critical and important directorate of University. It observes and develops the scientific level of the students and the lecturers, and the responsibility of these two characters on each other in specific and on the University in general. So Quality Assurance focuses on the following points:

  1. Assuring the interested parties about the certificate that is given to the student.
  2. Observing and being sure of the sort of study and the way of teaching.
  3. Supporting the students while taking their courses.

Quality Assurance has appointed the duties and rights of the students in University. More work is given to the lecturer to ask the opinions of the students. This will keep a scientific balance between the lecturer and the students.

Quality Assurance strives to observe the methodology applied in the University and then taking the stances and feed backs of the students to appoint the weak and strong points of the University. This is to develop the process of studying, learning and researching until it reaches to a high level. And of course this level should be equal to the universal scientific level.